Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where the travelers meet.

The waves roll in from their horizontal wanderings
Lapping on the sand with a swishing melody.
Where have you been watery friends?
Have you seen distant shores?
Have you drifted along secret places
Dreamers dream to see?

The moon's luminous rays beam from their atmospheric residence,
And end their journey with a shining dance on the inky water.
Where have you traveled from enlightened companions?
Have you had your fill of the dark and cold places of space?
So now you decide to fall on the glistening sand,
Responding to the oceans song with quiet illumination?

This is where the travelers meet.
The wandering wind and its salty refreshment,
The sightseeing seagulls and their happy conversations.
Maybe I fit in here.
Roots are for plants,
Not people.

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