Sunday, January 2, 2011


The chair across my table is empty.
An old couple walks past me, he smells like old spice.
They hold hands and smile at each other, like old couples do.
He stops to show her a chess set,
But she has gone to look at cookbooks.
I guess the old man doesn't cook.
That man there looking at business books, he looks like a business man.
His red tie is wrinkled.
His hairline is receding, and his shoes are scuffed.
Maybe those are signs of a successful business man;
Scuffed up shoes and a receding hairline.
The girl sitting three tables down
Is drawing.
She smiles gracefully as white haired couples
Stop to talk awhile.
I think she comes here often,
To draw with a pencil,
And smile gracefully at white haired couples.
The chair across my table is still empty.
So I put a book in it.

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