Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yellowing Letters.

I am writing you this letter
Although you will probably never read it
I have dozens of other letters just like it
That you will never read because I have not given them to you.
They sit in my notebook between
Rambling poems and broken stories, yellowing.
I just thought I would tell you that
Your eyes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
I know it's cliche,
But it's true.
And your smile is like the sunset,
Bright and warm and dazzling
When you catch it at just the right time.
Oh well, I guess I'll stop
And go do something productive,
For about five minutes until I
Start thinking about you again.
My love will never yellow.


  1. Its unbelievable how beautiful your poems are. I could read them for hours. I really love them Jash.

  2. ~Five minutes? Well...I heard from Dearest and she said she barley gets by in two.

    -Never Ever Yellowing