Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Tree.

You know, there is a legend about this tree. A legend that makes this tree quite unlike any other tree in the world. Years ago, when the land was less crowded, and the skies were bluer, and the stars were brighter; this tree was just a germ inside of a seed. In these days, there was a couple quite drowning in love. She had eyes the color of sapphires, that shone brighter than the moon on a clear night like this. Her hair was perpetually shimmering, (probably because she had such an excess of shimmer in her heart.) He was very noble. His arms were strong towers for her defence. His heart burned incessantly for one more look at her bright eyes. Well, one day this couple was walking along down a well worn street, when he decided he would make a perpetual memorial of the love they had for each other. So, he picked an acorn, and carved the words "Forever and always" into the middle. Then he planted it delicately, covering it with the best soil he could find. Every single morning after that, he would come by with a bucket of fresh spring water and some more fresh soil. This ritual he continued day after day, time after time for years and years. These years became decades, and eventually the eyes of his Love grew a little dimmer. Her hair didn't shimmer quite as much as it used to, and one day, she fell asleep never to wake up again. That morning that he found her so peaceful, he made a short visit to the tree, and watered the ground with his tears. Well, he went on, barely able to breathe without her for another year, and then he too went to sleep. This couple is long dead now, but their love endures forever, because one noble failure decided to plant a seed of love. That tree grew big, and strong, and it's shadow is known by everyone to be a refuge, an ampitheatre lit by the radiant moon, where celestially entwined couples are entertained by the haunting song of a lonely, vagrant cricket. This tree, is the tree where love blooms. And it's said, that if you look in the right place, you can still see the faint carvings of "Forever and always" imprinted in the wood. Maybe that's how our hearts are. If you know how to look, you will find that my love says "Forever and always." Your eyes will never grow dim to me.

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  1. :) Besides a smile All I can say is.... Forever and Always. <3