Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who do you see me as?

Who do you see me as?
I'm afraid I've thought all wrong.
I've thought you saw me as your dashing prince,
Now I'm not so sure.
Do you set me on the same pedestal
That i set you on?
I'm afraid you have thought certain thoughts.
Stinging, black thoughts.
Bitter, odious thoughts.
Thoughts of disloyalty
Royally foiling fate's plan.
Do you ever wonder if my eyes wander?
I feel like you entertain these thoughts.
You ask them into the rooms of your heart.
Tell me, did these thoughts like to be entertained?
Did they like your heart's rooms?
Or did they ravage you with black,
Spotted vision?
Has your prince become a
Petty drifter?
I've never once looked away.
My gaze has been captivated

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