Monday, March 21, 2011


I have many favorites. I like Poe better than Whitman, and Shakespeare better than Poe. I cannot fly, but sometimes wish I could, so I could escape the burdens of continual stress, and fly far into the stratosphere where the only thing that presses upon you is gravity. I sometimes pretend to be famous. I like to listen to the birds sing, sometimes I imagine they wrote their song just for me. I get depressed sometimes. I have only fallen in love once, and I never fell back out. Words give me comfort. I have a yellow book of poems that I run to when life gets heavy. Sometimes I pretend like I know spanish when I really don't. Sometimes I use improper punctuation just to be a rebel. I am at my happiest when I step on a crunchy leaf in Autumn. I have regrets, but I pretend that I don't. I pretend I'm strong when I'm really weaker than play-do. Sometimes I wake up terrified for no reason at all. Sometimes I'm scared to shower late at night. I think this paragraph is boring you so I will just stop now.

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  1. I love all of these things about you! That yellow book is a great book. I love to hear you read from it. regrets... we all have them...but they make us who we are now. Crunchy Leaves are the BEST!!! Also...crunching acorns together ;)