Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Magpie tales Poetry Prompt

Here is a Shadorma I have written for the Magpie Tales poetry prompt. You can find others like it here 

Emerald Suns.

Your eyes shine
Like emerald suns
Bursting through
My perpetually dark
Atmosphere of me.


  1. Thats really beautiful. I love it. "Bursting through" Each line makes my heart smile. :)

  2. That's because each line was written by a smiling heart. Smiling hearts seem to have an easy time communing with each other.

  3. Nice shadorma. The last two lines are particularly strong.

  4. I wish I could construct poetry like this. But having said "My . ." in the second last line, isn't " . . . of me" in the last line a tautology?

  5. Thank you all! :) Lucy, think of it this way, its "my" perpetually dark atmosphere because I possess it, but it is an atmosphere that is made up of my own self. So it is an atmosphere made up "of me" that I myself possess.

  6. You have illuminated my mind ... many thanks, for I now know a new word and its meaning .......... Shadorma

  7. nice interpretation of the prompt, I liked the darkness of me