Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dearly Beloved

With nail-scarred hands
I ask for yours.
I want to hold them
Through your darkest nights.
My eyes saw darkness
So you could see light,
But you choose to deny
My Name, and My life
That I gave for you.
I was nailed to a tree.
My hands held helpless
So you could be free.
But you hold misery
Tighter and tighter
Like some long lost lover.
My treasure gleams brighter
Than the darkened granite of
That so-called love you hold as
Dear as gold.
One day you'll fold.
If not in worship now,
Then in trembling fear in that day
When before my throne you long to hear me say,
"Come in My child."
I will not though.
I will cast you from My Presence
All the while saying
I do not know you.

So what will it be?
Do you accept my life for yours today?
My striped and ragged back for your heaviest weight?
Salvation calls.

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