Monday, July 11, 2011

Magpie tales.

For Emily.

The shrapnel flies;
Broken fragments of failure
Piercing the air.
The warmth of our embrace
Is cut swiftly
By the sounds of
Our demons,
Our scars,
Our weaknesses,
Chasing us relentlessly
With the chains with which
They wish to hold us
Clinking through the unseen veil.
I hear their screeches;
The siren call I once found
It grates on my ears with
Memories of failure.

We shall take on our demons,
You and I.
Here, in the scarred battlefront
Of broken hearts
We will dig a foxhole for two,
A cool place of refuge.
We shall stand,
Hand in hand
Looking our fears
In their blood-soaked eyes.
We shall tell them to keep
Their scars,
And their murky dungeons,
For we have each other,
And we do not need them
Any longer.
And with one closing kiss
We will bid them

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  1. So many lines and vivid images I'd like to comment on. Great heartfelt piece.

  2. very rich, layered with piercing images. nice magpie.

  3. Please, I'd like to know which one's captured your attention! :)

  4. Really like the layered images. Strong emotions carry one through this piece.

  5. Great work:) These are my favorite lines -
    We shall take on our demons,/You and I./Here, in the scarred battlefront/Of broken hearts

  6. I lump welled in my throat, tears in my eyes, as I read this.

  7. Thank you! My favorite line in it is "We will dig a foxhole for two" :) Thank you for all of your generosity!!!!! :)

  8. This brought a chill to my spine - wonderfully crafted

    Anna :o]