Monday, July 4, 2011


I wait
Through the numbing hours
Of self-contained loneliness
For the dose of your words,
My refreshment,
My hope,
My defining moment in a sea
Of expectant hours.
But they do not come,
Your words,
Until my heart is at the precipice, the apex
Of self-contained hope.
Then, and only then,
They make their appearence.
But only for a single, fleeting moment,
A tiny breath of life to sustain me
Until the promised tomorrow.
But each lonely moment drains me
Empty of patience to wait.
So my heart grows stony,
Against my wishes,
But steadily still.
When will tomorrow come?
I've waited through what seems to be
A thousand tomorrows,
But they were not the right tomorrow;
The tomorrow that you will speak to me.
So, I wait...

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