Monday, August 22, 2011

Sea-Salty Sweetness.

I want to be a Phoenician
Sailing the world on a polished wood ship.
The striped sail swirres and swooshes in the wind.
The wood creaks a traveling song.
The oars dip in the water like synchronized engines 
With pistons of men.
I want to go in search of snails 
With which to dye my purple garments.
Invent the alphabet, and carry my learning on my 
Sea tanned shoulders.
I want to be a Phoenician,
But sadly, I get seasick.  


  1. I love this!! When I was reading it i was so excited because I thought about what you said about snails and purple dye. Also.. I can second that you get sea sick. haha But I love you

  2. Maybe you need to pop a pill?..haha..great piece and such bad luck.

  3. ha...nice chuckle at the end...think you could work on that if you really want...the desire for adventure on the high seas surely resonates with me...

  4. this is really all the adventure and wildness in this and then the last line....oh so sad...i want so many things as well...and yes...

  5. wow - you took me there - strong and effective evocation of a world i could feel - good skills Very cool

  6. Oh, I was so carried along with you — and then that ending. Oh no!

  7. "But sadly, I get seasick" LOL awesome ending

  8. Sea sickness dashing your wonderful dreams - how unfair!

    Anna :o]

  9. adventurous poetry is cherished by all.
    fabulous writing..