Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hair falls.

I love the way your hair falls.
You put it in a ponytail,
But a few strands refuse
To be captured.
They dance across your head
Falling around your ears,
And sticking up from your bangs,
And resting in two little curls
On the back of your neck.
Your hair is free and beautiful.
Just like your heart.


  1. There's love in this poem/sketch, and it's sexy and joyful too.

  2. This is like a breath of fresh air.
    it is perfect simplicity, like fresh bread and olive oil...

  3. how romantic! I could picture it by your detailed description.

  4. smiles. this is so intimate in an innocent way...and beautiful...love it...

  5. Oohh... LOVELY! And such amazing imagery! Just yesterday, I was wondering the same about the hair that refuses to be part of my ponytail too... and was showing it to my hubby.. lol.. and today I read this! Awesome!

  6. Lovely, lovely,lovely and so sweet.
    Some joyful writing-thank you!!!

  7. Hi, Rob Kistner here. This is a piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here: http://www.image-verse.com/clown

  8. Strong visual imagery - lovely poem !

  9. On a day she probably thinks, "My hair's a MESS!" But, yes...

  10. That's nice...... it's funny how those little things capture us, isn't it? A small crack in the lip, the turned corner of a smile, the curve of her nose, wrinkling just a little with a tender laugh..... a glance at just the right moment, a blink at just the right speed... I see some of the comments here left by women and I think they are insightful and thoughtful but I think women can never truly appreciate the beauty we find in them, that their finest details are nothing less than masterful works of desire and art to us. Even da Vinci and Michelangelo failed to leave a hair out of place....... nothing compares to the sheer, true physical bliss of woman...... the most intense beauty of God's creation.... lovely thoughts..... thank you for sharing....