Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My words can hug too.

My words can hug too
Because I can't tonight.
As you sit alone in your room
And I sit alone in mine.
I know you say they aren't enough
But tonight they will have to do
Because they are all that I can give you.
I poured out my heart to you in those words.
Can't you taste the liquid heart?
Did you even know my heart was
Contained in those word prison-cells?
I poured it out for you to catch.
Did you even catch my poured out heart?
Or were the word containers not good enough?
Because I can't tonight,
My words can hug you,
But you have to let them.


  1. it is all in the letting...i know those word prison cells though...nice depth of feeling in this too...

  2. True communication and acceptance is a two way street.

  3. so true...one thing is what we say - the other what the others do with it...letting them hug..good thing

  4. Very original way of putting it.

  5. Piercing truth. Give until it hurts but its useless without a receiver. Well done.

  6. this is such a strong ending and the truth you speak is very true yes I do think your words could hug if only they would allow you to hug them so wonderful

  7. words can hug, amusing thinking.

  8. love your poetry, brilliant style.

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