Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Entanglement I Deny You.

One innocent mistake,
A moment of ignorance;
Clouded-brain action.
One mistake.
But oh, mistake,
You are not innocent!
You are scheming,
Sadistic dreaming,
I see your eyes,
The hateful shine and
My gaping wounds
Are bleeding in my soul.

I've lost feeling,
The healing wind of touch
Is denied.
My eyes- Those fountains of grief
Leak like a water fall.
The teary water falls.
The simple desire calls,
The one moment of relief,
The cold blade glimmering with
Sadistic lust for my soul.
I deny it,
Hatefully despise it,
But oh, steel,
When shall I be loose of your hold?


  1. deny it all we want, but still we remain ensnared...nice write...

  2. "Sadistic dreaming" ... Ha ha, sadistic indeed!