Saturday, April 7, 2012

When mistakes become buzzards..

Demons of my past
Circle the skies of my present,
Seeking to rob me of now-ness
Like bald, black, buzzards.
They pervade my dreams,
Peering their murky black eyes
Into my soul.
My mistakes see me,
As I am,
As I was,
And as I will be;
I have become breathing carrion.
They haunt me,
Always present, but only seen briefly,
A feather here,
One bare gray foot there;
Absent presence is the most sinister kind.
I lift my heart to find,
That there is rest from my mistakes,
Release from my brokennness.
I am not carrion,
But a living soul.
I am not dead pieces,
But a vibrant whole.
I embrace my gifted heartbeat,
And echo it's reality
Writing the soundtrack
For the feathery flight of my mistakes
To bow out gracefully;
No more feathers,
No more bare grey feet.

This prompt was found at "Poetics" at Much thanks to brian for this one!


  1. For the feathery flight of my mistakes. Excellente take on the photo. I have been amazed how many chose this photo and it is the least photogenic, or whatever the word would be. But it spoke to most of us.

  2. Absent presence is the most sinister kind.

    Fascinating, I like how you circle the theme.

  3. you know...i'm using bird nets to keep them away...ugh...can be difficult at times when those birds of the past turn up but i like that you seem to have found a way to deal with them over the years...embracing your heartbeat...nice..may work better than my nets..smiles

  4. so true on how those regrets will rob us if we let them....i do like how you break free or fidn that freedom toward the end refusing to let tham take you....

  5. I like this very much. I understand the demons of one's past circling. But indeed you are a 'vibrant whole' and, though the past has helped make you who you are today, it is NOT you. The demons cannot reach you.

  6. Indeed. What a powerful testament to change and the possibility of awareness leading to self-knowledge. This evokes so much of what humans can do once they acknowledge something in themselves greater and more aware of cosmic dimensions:

    Absent presence is the most sinister kind.

    That portends a deeper awareness of self.

  7. One wing in despair ("I have become breathing carrion"), the other carries you out. Very aware and brave. Thank you.