Monday, December 3, 2012

When my heartbeat became you.

I had my rythym perfect.
I had the beat and time written
for my life, with no inhibitions.
But then I met your eyes.
Winded by a soul
more beautiful than sound,
they pierce, and glow,
and stop the world
as if it were ordinariness.

Now, my heartbeat has stopped,
and to my alarm,
so has my "me-ness".
My organ's thump
became a lump unformed but beautiful,
and fired by a love more fiery than night
the unformed thing took shape
as your eyes.

You have become my heartbeat,
and it has become you.
You pump my veins with rythym
and soul.
my broken song
is finally whole.

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  1. NIce touch on this prompt.

  2. Ah, a perfect pairing. That's lovely, and I like your clever word play as well.

  3. nicely done...thanks for sharing your words

  4. "A soul more beautiful than sound." Yes!