Sunday, January 13, 2013

Viva La Revolution

These words are my retreat.
I live surrounded by
and sameness.
These words...
These runny-ink compositions are my welcomed veil.
They are my warmth and my color.
They are my declaration to be pink instead of grey!
So I will go on sucking my inspiration through
a little blue straw,
because a small conduit of inspiration is better than none at all.
Because in the end, little blue straws are what make us alive.
The outlet of inspiration is what keeps us sane,
and allows for our resistance against the grey.
Make war with the bleak!
Pick up our pen and drink in life!

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  1. just one drink
    and I'll fall down drunk

  2. Pick up the pen and drink in life. That's my goal at the break of every day. A small inspiration is all that's needed. Here's to a great day!