Monday, February 7, 2011

Gallantry rides a horse made of cardboard.

Gallantry rides a horse made of cardboard.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, but the only reason
Dashing princes wear alluring armor
Is so they can blind your eyes with the light
Of their own arrogance,
And shield themselves from vulnerability.

You possess yourself with an honourless view
Of knightly honour.
Armor shining,
Your prince attacks the horrid dragon.
You didn't see the blackened flagon
Of selfish ego he consumed with
Violent intensity.

Gallantry may have a quaking sword hand
Not because he fears the dragon's
Fiery eyes,
Or because of the blinding, soul-binding hate
He hears from the scaly creature's
He shakes because he sees you.

The dashing prince may carry himself
With perfect poise, and
Dashing dexterity
While i shiver on my
Soggy, saddled beast of burden.
But gallantry does not cover itself in
Unscathed armor,
Rather, it destroys it's armor to
Become vulnerable for you.

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