Monday, February 14, 2011

Hymn to God in my weakness.

Strength dissolves from my grasp
And weakness takes its place.
My weariness sighs with groans of complacency
Replacing the spaces in my heart
With a song I do not wish to sing.
Give me Your song, my Protector,
My Tower of Refuge
From the deluge of daily life.
Give me a new song to sing,
Fresh from my newly revived heart
Start in me the strains of vibrancy.
Silently Your new song will capture
The mention of Your name will be
Synonymous with real joy.
Make my life a shining example.
Trample my heaviness underfoot with
The showering ocean of Your love.
Remind me of Your love
I forget it too easy.
This new song you have given me, (The
Moment I asked)
It basks only in the sweetness
Of Your sweet name.
The words of this new, fresh song
Are easy to remember.
The embers of a love-flamed heart
Starts the rythym
And my heart sings a reply.
But the heart words are silent words,
Too sacred to be known to this corrupt world.
This new, fresh song is mine and Yours alone.

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