Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I wanted to say but couldn't.

Here I am,
Scars on my heart
Every single part
Of myself I've given you.
I've demolished my walls,
Brick by guarded brick.
My guard is down.
Look around
And you'll see that I'm vulnerable.
Just because you are afraid to
Get lost in my eyes
Won't ever stop me from
Getting lost in yours.
My heart's shore
Is incessantly crashed
By the tsunami of fear
That electrifies me
When I think about the fact
That your shield is very much intact.
The contact
Of our lips brings a thread
Of a thought in my head
That you have not forgotten what mortar is.
Your towers are not demolished
Only a little dismantled.
You always have to handle
Our time together with the greatest caution.
You tell me you trust me, but don't trust yourself.
I've put my guard on the shelf
To rot
While you embrace yours.
That's okay
I know it's not the day
Or place that you can
Completely forget your defensive
I understand,
But look in your hand.
I don't wear my heart on my sleeve,
I've given it to you.
I have completely let go.
So while you struggle with your fear
Of losing control,
Know that I have not lost my control
But happily realized that I do not need it.
I'm embracing vulnerability.

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