Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glued Apologies.

A card.
A simple white card
To cheer me up
And smile my heart.
Bur from the start
I was destined to destroy
This moment.
It always happens like this.
Your wooing smiles are cut short
By one
Negligent word,
Or action
Or Re-action
Breaking your smiles into
Shortness, and hurting the attraction.
The coldness returns.
Spurned by my mis-intended
Apologies stay glued to my lips.


  1. oh wow...i know this feeling and you know too as soon as that word slips out your mouth...the glued apologies in the end is a strong image...

  2. The enemy within, that everyone has to some degree. But awareness also comes in degrees. A poem like this brings the painful moment into focus.

  3. Apologies not always easy to make...or accept..nice capture.

  4. glued to your lips, eh? nice imagery. I like that a lot.

  5. It's so difficult sometimes when we hurt the very ones we don't want to.