Thursday, October 27, 2011

Companionship. "Misfitian" Prompt #1

I feel the fog,
I swear I do.
I feel it drawing heavy on my soul.
You and I walk beside the river,
Or perhaps it is a lake,
I never can quite tell.
You are like a grizzly.
You scare me.
You have a wild beauty
That rages like a bristling coat.
It overcomes me.
It melts my soul and heart into
Making me feel like a small child
Leading you along this lake-like river.
Or are you leading me?
I never can tell.
Enrapt by your savage beauty,
Fiery in your eyes,
Flaming through your dancing hair like
The arrows of Hino* himself,
I surrender to your companionship.
Let us journey into the grey,
Side by side,
You and I.
We will leave behind us a trail of
Gnarled branches
And shadows,
For you carry life on your back
And trap light itself
In your glistening, emerald

*Hino was the Iroquois god of the sky. It was said that he shot arrows of fire.

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  1. cute and heart warming,

    what a thrill to discover your blog,
    fantastic arrays of poetry.

    check us out, share a free verse today.