Monday, October 10, 2011


I feel the fog,
I swear I do.
I feel it drawing heavy on my soul.
You and I walk beside the river,
Or perhaps it is a lake,
I never can quite tell.
You are like a grizzly.
You scare me.
You have a wild beauty
That rages like a bristling coat.
It overcomes me.
It melts my soul and heart into
Making me feel like a small child
Leading you along this lake-like river.
Or are you leading me?
I never can tell.
Enrapt by your savage beauty,
Fiery in your eyes,
Flaming through your dancing hair like
The arrows of Hino* himself,
I surrender to your companionship.
Let us journey into the grey,
Side by side,
You and I.
We will leave behind us a trail of
Gnarled branches
And shadows,
For you carry life on your back
And trap light itself
In your glistening, emerald

*Hino was the Iroquois god of the sky. It was said that he shot arrows of fire.


  1. Misfit, I so much enjoy the imagery you share with us, and the whole atmosphere you create. I had not heard of Hino and appreciate the reference you added as it makes it so much more meaningful.

  2. truly a magical the fog as it rings of mystery much as what you have penned..the imagery at the end...the life on the back and the eyes is so tender...

  3. Magic abounds with your verse, like the pairing yoiu created as well, nicely done!

  4. How lovely this is-- rich in imagery, evoking powerful empathies in this reader. xxxj

  5. I love the fact that they can trap life in emerald eyes such a great image

  6. I know those woods, but the eyes are yours...beautiful poem.

  7. Awesome photo...I was enthralled by the poem...

    stolen moments