Saturday, December 17, 2011

Heart-key hands and sunlight smiles.

Your hand fits in mine
Like a key in a lock.
Without your key
My heart is locked
By stony block
Upon stony block.
Break through my granite condition
With a smile of your sunlight!
Unlock my soul's door
With your freedom cloaked
Loving grasp!
The distance is fraying
The cord of my security.
The Chasm calls to me
From below
With its yawning mouth opened wide
Hungry for my lonely soul.


  1. careful that chasm, but then again without a key what have you left...

  2. I like this: "Break through my granite condition"

    ~Shawna (

  3. you should def. jump i'd say..smiles.. love is all about acting brave..

  4. my heart is locked by stony block -> nice