Sunday, December 18, 2011

What it's like to hug a shadow.

Four months ago today
She had watched her prince charming
Riddled by needles, IV's, and
A thousand pestering nurses
Who were prettier than her.
Four months ago today,
She gazed into his vacant eyes
And kissed his head
And ran her fingers through
What was left of his hair.
She had watched him fight
For his final breaths.
She had watched him become
The damsel in distress.
Cancer must be a dragon too big
For any prince to fight.
Four months ago today
He had ridden off into the sunset
Without her.
But he was still here,
Everywhere he was still here.
He was here in the creaky wood floors,
In the cold cement walls,
And in the apartment catwalk
That led to her door.
And, every night
Before she closed her tired eyes,
And hid her aching heart
Beneath the quilt of t-shirts he had given her
Made of the places they had gone;
She whispers a prayerful, sacred
"Goodnight my prince",
And reminds herself what it's like
To hug a shadow.

This was a poem written for Magpie Tales poetry prompt. Find more here


  1. Hug a shadow! yeah- good one. thanks.

  2. dang...sad...i have had too many i know touched by cancer...i feell for her...all that is left of her love a mere shadow...

  3. Awwww, this brought me to tears. So beautiful! Love the line about the quilt!

  4. Oh so sad and lovely. Good Magpie.

  5. Your beautifully composed poem gave me chills ...