Thursday, December 22, 2011

The longest short weeks I ever did know.

A few short weeks.
Only a few short weeks
Long with frayed patience 
And empty heartbeats.
My full heart beats,
Over-running, overflowing
With a lonely, empty seat
For you.
I must be the loneliest person
Who ever heaved a heavy sigh!
The people around me think they're alive,
But they don't know life,
They are dead to the knowledge 
Of what it means to really fly.
But I know the sky,
I've felt the moon sigh,
I know what it means to be really alive.
It means holding you,
And dancing under our spotlight;
The moon.
Life means breathing alongside
The rhythm of the sighs
That escape from your lips;
Like the echoes of your 


  1. I miss you with a great passion dear. I love you so much! I miss our spotlight dances as well, It won't be much longer until these few short weeks are over and I will be back in your arms <3

  2. mmm...and in knowing what it means to be fully alive i would settle for nothing less....i like that comment above as well...smiles...

  3. awww this is beautiful - and love your wife's reply..sounds like the both of you are flying indeed..smiles

  4. everyone feels like the loneliest person ever at some time or another, so i guess you are not alone on that ;)

  5. "Echoes of your eyes" is a super image!

  6. well done:) such a perfect rhythm!


  7. That "absence makes the heart grow fonder" cliche is really on target. I think another part of this is that it the pain of loneliness does make us feel alive.

  8. i have to agree with some of the others, great rhythm, the poem spoke very well... and great use of contrast... enjoyed this very much