Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hidden Treasure.

Enigmas abound in black and white.
Emeralds and rubies,
Neither of them shine so brightly as
The light i see shining in
The eyes that melt my heart.

This poem uses a literary device that Edgar Allen Poe used to hide the name of his lover in the poem. To find the hidden treasure, take the first letter of the first line, second letter of the second line, third letter of third line etc...


  1. emily...ha...nice...and this makes for a fine love poem as well...i am sure it warmed her heart..smiles.

  2. that is so cool - emily. and a beautiful poem!

  3. I can say that He did make me smile. I am very great full to have a man like Jash who takes time to write poetry like this for me :)