Sunday, January 15, 2012

Magpie- "When your walls become you."

Every bone ached heavy
With the weight of every
Breath keeping her alive.
She had floated on
For far too many years
On this unforgiving sea of life
Carrying the burdens and scars
Of a lonely heart
Without so much as a
Part-time role as cherished lover
In sight.
The stoniness came naturally,
The logical consequence
Of guarded sensibilities.
She had built her stony walls
So high and so close
That she became them
And sank to the depths
Without a glimmer of hope
For her stone-housed epidermis.
As the wave swirling saltiness
Called her to rest
With one heaving sigh
She surrendered her soul.


  1. I realy liked your poem, good take from the prompt

    1. i feel such melancholy reading this...the part time lover line stuck with me...

  2. oh is that what that is....those bubbles...the last breath
    Great take on the prompt.....I felt every line

  3. "stoniness came naturally" thought provoking...

  4. This poem gets my Hey! Hey! this week. This is fabulous!

  5. Wow. This is so touching. An incredible work.

  6. So much hopelessness. Almost took me down with it.

    Well done.