Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ode to ignorance. -Mag 115

You cannot capture my freedom
Though you daily try
With voracious appetite.
You, who are a
Vampire of freedom,
Who feasts on the unchained hearts of others,
Cannot capture my freedom.
Though you chain my feet
With musty bonds,
Or place me in a
Confining, glass jar
So you can observe me
Sleeping or awake,
You cannot capture my freedom.
For, I have books,
Which break all chains,
And the iridescent light
As my constant companion.

This piece was written for Tess over at


  1. The repetition here is very effective...nice...

  2. I love the resolve firmly anchored in this poem, Misfit. The fantasy that spins around is grounded by it. Thank you for sharing this cheer for the written word. YAY!!

  3. books are the key, they contain dangerous thoughts...and freedom is far better than being kept as something to look at or...

  4. Books which break all chains -so true.

  5. Reminded me of Prospero, whose power all came from books.

  6. I enjoyed this, fits beautifully with the photograph ~ also fits the Toads prompt last week ~ Vampires!!

  7. He ssems quite indestructible, Misfit

  8. Hey! Hey! I love this one. With so many on the fun and limericky side with the prompt, it's refreshing to come across a thought provoking entry. Well done!