Sunday, April 29, 2012

The type of friend you are.

Dedicated to my friend Ross Ponder.

You are the type of friend
who is a master at sharpening iron.
Even in the midst
of the clamor of battle,
as the dark ones hover close
with teeth gleaming for my soul;
you are the one who leaps out
from the trenches,
builds a forge from his own soul,
and does battle with his sword
while sharpening my own.
When it's all said and done,
and my enemies and chains
lay broken at my feet,
you are the type of friend
who bows down in humility
to wash the blood from my feet.
Your humility and bravery astound me.
The world needs more friends like you
          For there is so much dull iron,
          And so many bloody feet.


  1. oh wow...this is awesome..what an ode to your he loves it..and there def. should be more friends like him... what a creative take on the prompt...really, really loved it

  2. The hordes of vampires take second place in this composition to the heroic ode to a friend. Well-crafted.

  3. does battle with his sword
    while sharpening my own...

    and to bow down and wash the blood from my feet...

    love the humility and love in that....and love as well where you took this...a true friend...smiles.

  4. Yes, a wonderful tribute to an exceptional friend.

  5. Cool angle you went with. Analogy and metaphor, great job. Thanks

  6. Nice tribute to your friend; it's like a allied vampire, that takes the life from your enemies.