Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love gives you a face.

The hustle and bustle
around me
hustles and bustles
A thousand somebodys surround me,
and I have become
another faceless somebody,
another taken parking space,
another mass of breathing matter.
A hundred eyes glance away from me,
a dozen smile hello,
but no one sees.
No one cares to see.
The world around me overlooks faces,
but love gives you a face.

The mall stores bustle
with girls in large sunglasses
and thick mascara;
masks for their insecurities.
Popularity tells them to mask themselves,
but love gives you a face.

Love sees eyes for what they are;
the truest mirrors of the soul.
Love smiles at the curve of your nose,
and your forgotten facial hair.
Love sees the little red blemishes
and dances with delight
for the simple pleasure of having seen them,
for they are what make you,

Our souls cringe and hide
when a mirror reflects us
back to us.
Our lonely hearts tell us to
hide away.
But love gives you a face.

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